Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Redefining "Normal"

So what is normal anyway?

My normal, if I could define "my normal" would be most other people's "insane."

At least that's how I always feel.

But then I remember that we're all people. Normal people.

And I find fleeting encouragement in that thought. That we're all normal. That is, right before I hear another squall from one of my kids, or notice the puppy's peed in the kitchen, or realize the meat for dinner is spoiled.

But these are all normal things. Right?

Yes, right!

I saw this today and immediately loved its message.

Moments after seeing this image, I was reading a blog I've been following for several months now and the message repeatedly being pounded into my tender heart was yet again affirmed.

The writer said, "Does life stand in line behind the young and the needs, take its turn after their hungry souls? Are my children deeply nourished?"

She's asking if we put them first, before chores and entertainment and EVERYTHING. And I must confess. No. I know I don't. So, without wasting another moment writing to you, dear friends, tonight. I return to my sweet calling: my husband, my children, my precious family.

Much love.

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